Surveys and Maintenance

The benefits that you will appreciate extend beyond the initial survey and report.

Engaging a competent company with the appropriate skills and equipment to carry out surveys and maintenance is vital in achieving maximum roof life with minimal problems.

Roof Register

The Red Kite Roof Register provides a complete service history for the roof and contains records of any repairs that have been carried out. It even provides Certificates for specific items such as:

  • Gutter Cleaning.
  • Gutter Lining
  • Roof Light Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment.

    This is something that is welcomed by our customers, and the great news is it is completely free.

  • Maintenance

    Routine, ongoing and preventative maintenance will not only help keep a roof in a good state of repair but will also help make a property more resilient to potential losses. Neglecting routine maintenance will often result in the need for costly and more disruptive remedial work. Blocked or damaged rainwater removal systems will allow damage to the building fabric or water ingress. These systems need to be checked regularly and cleaned at least annually – more regularly when necessary e.g. when close to trees.

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